A 360° approach to

enhance your

cybersecurity in the

New Normal

Cymetrics can assess your cybersecurity

through continuous vulnerability assessment and penetration test

A comprehensive Cyber

Security Solution including

Vulnerability Cyber

Scanning, Cyber Scoring,

Email Phishing Protection,

Network Monitoring and

Cyber Insurance

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Vulnerability Cyber Scanning & Scoring

Cymetrics Vulnerability Cyber Scanning tool continuously updates its database of vulnerabilities so it can rapidly identify any exposure to PII leakage, OWASP Top 10, CWE and CVE. Cyber Scoring is an effective tool for evaluating an organization's security level and providing recommendations

Email Phishing Protection

Cymetrics Email Security provides an end-to-end solution for your company, including email filters and employee awareness training. Through regular phishing drills testing the newest hacking methods, Cymetrics can strengthen your cyber defences and prevent any breaches through emails and other communication applications.

Network Monitoring

Cymetrics Network Monitoring is capable of monitoring employee authentications and detecting any malicious traffic, abnormal port usage, or signs of breaches (available only in Hong Kong)

Cyber Insurance

Our comprehensive Cyber Insurance protects you against ever-changing cyber threats, providing insurance cover for crisis management, third party liability and first party coverage (available only in Hong Kong)




Cymetrics continuous update security assessment database. The continuous assessment reduces your cybersecurity exposure time from annually to monthly or weekly

Within Budget

US$ 99/month for web assessment and report.

History Record

Cymetrics keeps all your history record on the platform. Company can track the improvement anytime, anywhere.

Multi-language report

Cymetrics supports multi-language report. Customer can download it by needs.



Annually traditional pen-test cannot instantly identify your cyber exposure. You are more vulnerable comparing with others.

Over Budget

Traditional pen-test project's fee starts from US$ 7,000 to millions.

No History Record

Traditional pen-test project has different methodology and report each time. Company cannot track the improvement without continuous history record.

No Multi-language Report

Traditional pen-test project cannot provide multi-language report for different needs.

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